Getting ready for Easter 2013

She has been full of excitement all day as in “You mean TOMORROW is Easter day, Papa!?”  So we had to dye some eggs, make some treats for dinner tomorrow – deviled eggs for uncle Johnny, Liptauer cheese for an appetizer, lemon cookies for dessert, and a gallon of sweet tea for me and anyone else who wants it.  And we had a ton of fun in the process too!

Her Easter dress and shoes are all ready to go, and now just to get our clothes ready so we aren’t in such a rush tomorrow morning.

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Purple, black, cobwebs and spiders

On Saturday I took Juliette to the fabric store to get her out of the house for a while. She SAID she wanted a pink princess dress. But when we got there she saw the Halloween fabric and insisted she was only interested in this purple and black fabric with cobwebs and spiders. “You can wear Halloween ANY time of the year, Papa!” So it was. Not exactly what I had in mind, but she seems thrilled with the idea. Let’s see how she feels when she wakes up tomorrow and sees it.

Ruffles, satin ribbon, ric rac edging on the hem and neck, a perfect narrow rolled hem on the polka-dot ruffle – and skulls, spiders, cobwebs (that sorta look like flowers from a distance). What a combination!


I look bootiful!

(I know some of you have seen the first picture, but for those not on Facebook …)

When she woke up this morning, I told Juliette to look around, there was something in her room that wasn’t there when she went to bed last night. She finally spotted the dress hanging up and her jaw dropped and she got all excited and said “You finished my DRESS?!” And I told her I had after she went to bed last night and the first thing she wanted to know was could she wear it today. Well, I told her, it’s not exactly a dress for a 4 degree day, but we agreed on a turtleneck and fleece pants under it. As soon as I got her dressed, I grabbed the pink bow on her dresser and she wanted to wear it so she could look like Minnie – and she was pleased her pants made her look more like Minnie! It was so priceless to hear her run to the mirror in the hallway and say softly “I look bootiful!” Of course she does, but not because of the dress. But I just let her enjoy it. As I was putting her coat on to get her in the car, she said “Thank you papa for making me a pretty pink dress” and she was so sweet I swear you could have eaten her with a spoon!



Holidazzle 2012

Yesterday was Juliette’s first trip to see the Holidazzle parade.  We ate downtown with Harald’s parents and his sister, then she and Juliette and I went outside to await the parade.  She was so excited to see the different floats and characters that went by, but especially enamored of Santa.  She said she also really liked the Hansel & Gretel house, too.  It was snowing lightly through the whole parade, so it was as close to perfect as it gets (they were a little late starting).

Here are some pictures from last night for those unfamiliar with the Holidazzle parade.  They aren’t very clear – my gloves and my camera were not getting along last night – but you get the idea.

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Welcome back, Winter!

(OK, I can’t take credit for the title, the StarTribune did it already in today’s paper)


For those of you not from around here and who enjoy seeing pictures of the snow, here is a little of what we got this weekend – it continues to snow several more inches after these pictures were taken.  We’ll certainly have a white Christmas now!


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Guess who was full of sass on the first day of class?

She was ready and eager to take off to school for her first day of class. But she’s so full of spunk today, I’m not sure that bodes well for her or not. Guess we’ll find out when we pick her up from Grandma’s house this afternoon. There was so much going on in the classroom when we got there, I am very interested to know how the first day goes. And I did very well myself, didn’t shed a tear, though I know today is the beginning of her peer group becoming increasingly influential in her life. I don’t want her to live a sheltered life, and I want her to do well in groups and learn how to be part of a team, but I don’t want the process to change her too much. Oh, well, I guess this is one of only many things to come that will pretty much be completely out of my hands.