Guess who was full of sass on the first day of class?

She was ready and eager to take off to school for her first day of class. But she’s so full of spunk today, I’m not sure that bodes well for her or not. Guess we’ll find out when we pick her up from Grandma’s house this afternoon. There was so much going on in the classroom when we got there, I am very interested to know how the first day goes. And I did very well myself, didn’t shed a tear, though I know today is the beginning of her peer group becoming increasingly influential in her life. I don’t want her to live a sheltered life, and I want her to do well in groups and learn how to be part of a team, but I don’t want the process to change her too much. Oh, well, I guess this is one of only many things to come that will pretty much be completely out of my hands.