The little pumpkin is ready for Halloween!

Isn't she just the cutest thing?

Isn't she just the cutest thing?

Is it just me, or does she look like she’s totally over the pumpkin outfit already?

She had her four month doctor appointment (complete with scream-inducing shots at the end) on Wednesday afternoon. Juliette is now 14 lbs. 10 oz. and she is 25 1/4″ long.  She is only 1/4″ shy of having grown three inches in length since her two month appointment!  She is at the 80th percentile for length, the 75th percentile for weight and the 55th percentile for head measurement.

Juliette has met all of her developmental markers for 4 months of age, and is as far ahead as six months of development in two or three areas.  She is especially alert and attentive for her age.  The doctor was very pleased with her progress and said that she is obviously thriving.  Considering that she was at the 50th percentile for both height and weight at her 2 month visit, she has really had a big growing spell over the last two months!

Photos from October

You’ve all been so patient awaiting new photos! We’ve been having such fun with her, I keep failing to find time to upload them and update my blog. But today I finally did it. Here are some photos taken recently, most of them from when my dear friend Connie and her husband Steve visited from DC last week.