I’m so very happy I am almost beside myself!

Today is definitely a stay at home day, after digging out from yesterday’s snowstorm. As I was laying in bed trying to get to sleep last night, my head was spinning with all sorts of sewing related ideas after spending all of Friday and Saturday at Bernina Academy learning how to master difficult fabrics. Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea. What if the beautiful sewing table I have downstairs in the den, which currently houses that lovely vintage Viking 6020, could be retrofitted to fit my 1630?! Could I make the 1630 fit? Would it take a lot of time?

This morning I was downstairs in the basement doing some work on my computer, trying to cool down and relax after so much shoveling, and I decided to try out my idea. I took the 1630 acrylic insert out of my Gidget II table and tried it on the wood sewing desk. An almost perfect fit except for about a half inch in one corner that needed tweaking. I got out my tools and hacksaw, unmounted the Viking 6020 and about a half hour later had my 1630 sitting beautifully in that solid oak desk, with drawers even!, that makes sewing SO (SEW?) much more enjoyable. I was so happy I coulda almost peed when it was done!

And if you aren’t sure what that means for my sewing room, I will tell you! It means I get my sewing workbench back, my serger can be left up permanent right next to my 770, my Brother can be left set up with the embroidery unit attached, and I still get to leave my Pfaff Performance 5 set up in a recessed table as well. I am BEYOND happy at the moment. Why in the world did I not think of this sooner?????