The Sweetest Sound

Juliette giggled for me for the first time tonight.  Three times, right after I got feeding her and was making funny faces at her.  I swear, it was the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard and it thrilled my whole being.  It was pure music to my ears.

We put up a dozen jars of spiced pear butter today.  I wish you could smell the house – all the smells of the holidays.  And this afternoon we ran out to AppleJack Orchards and bought apples (Sweet Sixteen and Honeycrisp) and some apple bread and caramel apples for an extra treat.  And I had a great 5K walk for the American Diabetes Association early this morning, so I’ve had a very full and happy day.

Recent Photos of the Lady Juliette

Our social worker from LSS, Michelle, at our last home visit on Friday.
Her daddy holding her in his arms while she sleeps.  Ain’t they both just gorgeous.  The two people I love the most in one glorious and humble picture.  Perfection.
Juliette’s baptism on Sunday.  Besides us and our pastors, also in the picture are Juliette’s godfather, my good friend Andy, and her godmother, Harald’s sister Karin.

Susan Boyle’s Debut CD & Singing Tonight!

You can preorder now at Amazon.  I just found out.  Some of you probably already knew.

Have you heard her cover of The Stones’ “Wild Horses”?  Go to:

She’s apparently going to be singing the song on America’s Got Talent TONIGHT, which airs at 8PM EDT, 7PM CDT.

Guess who is going to be planted in front of the big screen TV tonight at 7?