Praise the Lord!

I just got a message from our social worker, Michelle. Our birth mother’s social worker finally got in touch with her and they had a conversation about the consent forms. She reported she felt really sad for the first few days after delivery, but now she feels very good about the adoption going forward, especially after last week’s home visit. She is fully intending to sign the consents, and they are only trying to coordinate a day when she can go into the office with her parents (since she is a minor) to sign the forms. You know, in my mind I thought this was going to happen just fine. But my heart never got the message. Until I got that message from Michelle. And then I started crying and couldn’t stop. What a blessed relief to know that all we are talking about is the “mere formality” of organizing a time to get the paper signed! I can’t tell you what a weight felt like had been lifted off my shoulders when I got this news. Can you imagine the difficulty of loving a newborn child with all your being, knowing that there is a possibility (no matter how small) that you may not get to keep her? I feel like my moment has come and I no longer have to wait to exhale.

Hallelujah, what a glorious day!