Time for a change

Well, I certainly seem to have been neglecting my blog recently, haven’t I? I guess I’ve gotten so used to Facebook, that’s pretty much the only place I visit regularly. But Google sent me a nasty-gram last night, telling me that my web site was not friendly to mobile devices and if I didn’t do something to change that, my site results would start moving lower and lower in their results and …. EGADS! … we can’t have that now, can we? So here is a new “responsive design” theme that works in browsers and on mobile devices too. So maybe I’ll kick myself in the rear and get to adding some blog posts soon. They take more effort than the quick posts on FB, but you can say and show a lot more too. I think I’ve also fixed the photo gallery which wasn’t working for some people at all, unless they used Chrome as their browser. It’s working for me now in all browsers, so hopefully it will work for you too!