Countryside Gardens Peony Show 2012

We went this year as we’ve done every year for a while now, out to Delano to Countryside Gardens to see their peony show. It was the perfect day for a long drive into the country, and the flowers were worth the effort to get there. In the end, we brough two new ones home. Red Grace, a stunning deep red peony with a bloom nearly a perfect globe shape. We’ve been waiting three years for this grower to have enough of these to start selling them, and this year was our year. The other was Laura Dessert, a Japanese form with white outer petals and a yellow center that is supposed to be very fragrant.

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Nature’s bounty

Here are the potatoes, red onions, beans, squash and cucumber all picked fresh today from the garden in Lutsen for our dinner tonight. And lamb shish kabobs too. And two pies for dessert – blackberry/peach and blueberry from The Pie Place in Grand Marais.


The beauty I came home to …

Here are pictures of what I found in our garden the day we arrived back in town. I just had to take some pictures to show you. Alas, peony season ended while we were gone, but there is plenty more to admire.

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Peony “we have no idea what it is”

One of the prior owners planted this peony – and in the entirely wrong place – nestled under an ash tree with little. The brave little thing clung to life but never thrived. When we lost the ash tree to last fall’s ice storm, we were glad that we had moved it. Now it lives in the back of the garden – Peony Lane – and is thriving in the full sun that peonies so much love. And the bloom opened even more when we cut it and brought it in – with the most heavenly smell. One neighbor said she hadn’t smelled a peony like that since her grandmother’s garden. Lovely, just lovely.


Peony show at Countryside Gardens

Today we went to the annual peony show at Countryside Gardens. (Actually, we showed up last Saturday too because we read the date wrong.) Anyway, I thought you might enjoy some of these photos from today’s visit. We got two new plants today, Red Charm and Do Tell. Can’t wait to see them joining the rest of our peony beauties which are just coming into bloom now.