Recent Photos of the Lady Juliette

Our social worker from LSS, Michelle, at our last home visit on Friday.
Her daddy holding her in his arms while she sleeps.  Ain’t they both just gorgeous.  The two people I love the most in one glorious and humble picture.  Perfection.
Juliette’s baptism on Sunday.  Besides us and our pastors, also in the picture are Juliette’s godfather, my good friend Andy, and her godmother, Harald’s sister Karin.

13 thoughts on “Recent Photos of the Lady Juliette

  1. Juliette is looking at you and saying “I have completely won the heart of our social worker” (wink wink) 😉

  2. What they said! That’s the first thing I noticed, her eyes and smile on Papa the whole time, holding his finger.

    And the pic with J and her daddy, oh what a blessing. They are indeed beautiful.

    What a lovely and loving home to grow and blossom in.

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