Four years in the making


B.A. in Religion/History

Who ever though that such a “little piece of paper” could have such enormous real and symbolic importance in one’s life? It took four years of serious hard work, from August, 2003 to June, 2007, to earn this degree – plus about 10 years before that of taking one class at a time here and there to get rid of my core curriculum requirements. Well, never mind that now. I have it. I stuck with it until I got it done. I can’t tell you how proud I am of myself for sticking with it until I was done this time. This time, I knew it was now or never. Making a big commitment to oneself and then seeing that commitment through to the end brings an immeasurable amount of self-esteem.

5 thoughts on “Four years in the making

  1. You are absolutely my HERO for acquiring this “piece of paper” Boyd – I was lucky enough to be able to follow the whole journey and rejoice in your success at the end.

    I start back to college myself on Monday – guess who I use as my role model to see me through the next steps of my own journey along the same path?
    You rock!

  2. Boyd I wish I could have been there for your graduation. I would surely have embarrassed you with loud hoots and jumping up and down. I’m not a Believer, but I would be honored to sit in your pew any time, any day, to listen to you speak. Your inherent wisdom and compassion led you to this program. Your integrity and determination saw you through it. I’m so very proud of you .



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