My first little hat … ain’t it cute?

My first little hat

While at the State Fair last month, I bought this yarn at the booth from the Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers Association. The yarn came from a producer called Shepherd’s Choice located in Wyoming, MN. I just loved the colors and had to have it, despite the fact that it cost $20 for a 120 yarn hank. I started this simple little hat on Sunday afternoon, using a “Knitting Pure & Simple” pattern that I bought on Sunday when I went with my Sister Woman (that’s Tennessee Williams’ speak for sister-in-law) to All About Yarn in Coon Rapids after a friend kept recommending it. Hats work up wonderfully quick, and Lord knows we need ’em here in Minnesota! I just got a pom-pom maker tonight from Joann’s and I highly recommend you try the Doodle Loom next time you need to make pom-poms. Now, I’m supposed to turn the edge in two inches and sew in a hem, but I kind of like the funky, slightly ‘deconstructed’ look of the rolled edge. Harald said it makes it look like a flapper hat. What do you think? Send me a comment and tell me which treatment you prefer.

9 thoughts on “My first little hat … ain’t it cute?

  1. I love the rolled hem—looks sweet, like it belongs on a girl with long brown hair….I dig the pom pom also..Interesting blend of colors, blue with green….I’m making a blanket with a varigated yarn at the moment, and despite thinking I wouldn’t like it, I do.

    Keep on knitting…it’s cheap therapy!

  2. (Popping over from the glb knit list.)

    Definitely keep the rolled edge. It makes the hat! There’ll be plenty of time for a hemmed edge in another project.

    Very cute!

  3. Hey, I love this hat! Is it for an adult or for a child? I’m also catching up on your posts. You are back here regularly, I’m happy to see, now that the university is behind you–for now.

    Rain predicted here tonight–and snow in the mountains. Tell me there is no global warming.

  4. Honey, that is the cutest derned hat in the world and I can easily see it resting on my granddaughter, ella’s, pretty little head. The rolled edge sweetens the whole thing.

  5. I think it’s a great hat – and I do like the rolled edge – my step-daughter uses the rolled edge for many of her sweater designs and it looks great. If you are interested in trying a turned under hem, the Coriolis socks in Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters gives directions – (it’s pretty simple – purl a row on the right side then continue knitting in stocking stitch for about an inch. That provides a place to turn the edge to the inside where it can be tacked down. On the sock it gives a nice clean finish.

    For your hat though, I really like the roll – on the half-dome hat has a curled edge – look at it and you will see how nice it looks. Cheers and keep on knitting. Nigel

  6. The hat is for me, so it’s definitely an adult hat. It probably would look more like a men’s hat if I put the hem in, but I think I’ll leave the roll, at least for now. If I change my mind later, I can always sew the hem in then.

  7. No, I like the rolled brim as it is. The nice thing about these are that you can roll it up or down, depending on the weather! They are about the perfect hat, I think.

    Next time, make it a bit longer, so you can really roll it all the way down over your head!

    Excellent work! You did wonderfully well for your first hat. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

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