Pictures from jelly making weekend

Once again, we headed to Lutsen over the Labor Day weekend. This is our designated annual jelly-making weekend and it was a good one. We found some really good fruit and this batch is, perhaps, the best batch of crabapple jelly we’ve ever made. We made two kinds. The first couple of batches we “plain” crabapple jelly made from a variety of apples. The second added hot peppers to the jelly. The first batch we made we used just the fiery hot cayenne peppers that Karin grew this year, but when the batch was done, we decided it was a little tame, even to the Scandinavian palate, and so in the next two batches we added some serrano chiles that Helen had brought up. They are a real favorite of mine and I love their flavor. They were a welcome addition to the jelly. So without further ado …

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One thought on “Pictures from jelly making weekend

  1. 1. Lovely pictures.
    2. I cannot imagine prepping crabapples, especially a big bowl like that. Yeesh.
    3. I love serrano peppers. Nice heat without being ridiculous, and beautiful fruity flavor.
    4. Such a doll in her sweater!

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