Pictures from Day 2 – Tuesday, June 24th

Pictures from Tuesday

Tuesday was the day she got her belly button and her first bath before meeting great aunties and uncles!

Not a happy camper – little dumplin’.

Asleep in papa’s arms after her morning bottle.

6 thoughts on “Pictures from Day 2 – Tuesday, June 24th

  1. Chaos, peace, chaos, peace, chaos… Welcome to Parenthood. When Juliette is throwing a tantrum at 16, I am pretty sure you aren’t going to say “lil dumpling”.

  2. Being a fiber dude and all..I read the comments and good stuff..kinda like I know every one,on this site I am an older guy now…but, I have a you fellas have…at 38..and 3 grand children…well, say the least for a gay guy it was worth the effort..every single sleepless worrisome nite…a blessing..I look back on it all when I was battled against by the “goodies”of society and the courts. the end…San Francisco sense and my cool sweet frantic lover won the battle…l971…heheh..We have a fabu family from that incredible experience. We are for gay parenting and encourage the gay family unit. It is a sensible creative environ one should embrace. Sweet dreams…guys….leo

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