Who’s a sleepy baby?

Last week, J cut her top two teeth. She was kinda cranky much of last week, but is much better this week. Here are some photos of her taken last week one morning when she just didn’t want to wake up. I thought they were too cute!

[album: http://www.fiberguy.com/wp-content/plugins/dm-albums/dm-albums.php?currdir=/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Sleepy Baby/]

She Crawls!!!!!

I know it has been (or seemed like) forever since I’ve posted recent pictures. Well, today I have good reason. Juliette has been trying to learn how to crawl for weeks, but reverse was her only gear that worked. Not the most helpful, though it did get her places – mostly under chairs and tables. We’ve been spending lots of time on the floor with her this past week (and her grandparents have been excellent about spending lots of tummy time with her during the day), and she finally has begun to crawl forward! I can’t tell you how happy I was to see it happen last night. For weeks everybody has been saying something along the lines of “Well, she must be crawling all over the place now” and I would just smile and say “Not yet!” and laugh it off, but inside I was just the teensiest bit worried about the face that she wasn’t crawling when all these other babies 7, 8 or 9 months, that I am hearing about have been crawling for some time. This morning, it was Beulah trying to get her to play that motivated her to want to crawl. She’s so cute at it too! Her reverse gear still works really well, but she’s using her forward now too.

Here are some pictures takes over the last few weeks that I thought you might want to see.

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Recent pics from new camera

I recently got a new Panasonic DMC-ZS3 camera because my old Nikon Coolpix, which I dearly, dearly loved, was really showing it’s age. I was all set to get the newest Nikon Coolpix, the S8000, but when I discovered that it didn’t permit optical zoom while using the video feature, I decided to go with the comparable Panasonic instead. I saved a lot of money by getting in online through Abe’s of Maine. I’ll post some video snippets too, just as soon as I learn how.

[album: http://www.fiberguy.com/wp-content/plugins/dm-albums/dm-albums.php?currdir=/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/March 19 2009/]

Monday Pictures

I took yesterday off to stay home with Juliette since our Monday babysitter is in Mexico on vacation this week and next. One of the secretaries grabbed her camera to make pictures. I thought you might like to see them.

[album: http://www.fiberguy.com/wp-content/plugins/dm-albums/dm-albums.php?currdir=/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/February 8 Pictures/]

Pictures for a day

These were taken yesterday, at 7 months and 1 day, as she was on the bed playing with us after dinner, then as she drifted off to sleep and later got ready for bed. I figured today was a good day to share some happy, smiling pictures.

[album: http://www.fiberguy.com/wp-content/plugins/dm-albums/dm-albums.php?currdir=/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/January 21 2010/]

Hand knits from Norway

These are for some dear friends in Norway.  The beautiful pink sweater was hand knit by Turid, and the lovely pink and cream socks came from Ellen, Jan & Berit’s daughter.  The socks are a perfect fit now, and there is much good wear in the sweater to come.  They are both family heirlooms now.

P.S.  Have any idea how hard it is to create a new blog post,with pictures, with a wriggling baby in your lap????

mjx ci=-vf 0mi c  k;kj  io 

(that’s what Juliette had to say!)