Pictures from work baby shower today

OK, I know this link to Flickr will work because I marked this set as public.

It is from a baby shower at my office over the lunch hour today. In the very first picture, if you look close in the background you will see the new downtown Minnesota Twins stadium that is almost finished. It was a fun party and Juliette was her normal charming self. I just thought you might like to see the pictures. Although you won’t know the people, there are some of my dearest comrades in the office.

3 thoughts on “Pictures from work baby shower today

  1. It looks like a lovely shower – what wonderful friends and co-workers you have. Juliette just seemed to take it in stride,she probably thinks life is like this, everybody cooing over you and a party every day!

  2. Wow. Juliette is so beautiful, and you guys are such perfect pictures of happy fatherhood. As you say, Boyd, the relief is evident on both our faces; and Juliette looks SO happy. We’ll be celebrating for/with you on the 11th!

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