Photos from July 11

She’s wearing a cute little pink floral sundress that Grandma Hazel in Florida bought her – with a big bow in the front! She was very alert, so we wanted to snap some pictures to prove she doesn’t sleep every minute of the day.


9 thoughts on “Photos from July 11

  1. Dear Boyd and Harald,
    Thank you for sharing. We didn’t realize that you had a baby. Sorry, we don’t keep up so well. She is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Cute Comment From Harald’s Summer School
    Harald brought a picture to show Juliette off at school. After he showed two of the girls in my class – one of my little darlings told her little chum “She looks just like her Daddy!”. Harald was already off to show others when I had to call him back so she could tell him in person what she thought! Yup, the expression on Harald’s face was one of a very proud Daddy!

  3. That one is precious. I can’t wait to hold her. Juliette knows Grandma has good taste in clothes.We are waiting to see you in Florida.

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