Love Makes a Family

Here are the first pictures of Juliette Rayne, born Saturday night at 11:13.  She weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long.  She’s got a cute little head of hair, and lungs that are working just fine, thankyouverymuch.

It seems as if everything is a go for the adoption to go forward.  The plan right now is that she will be discharged tomorrow, after a brief entrustment ceremony with all the parents and grandparents at the hospital.  Then we go into the period known as “legal risk” which, hopefully, will be all over in a couple of weeks.

This has been such a long journey, but I know it will end well now. This child is such a blessing to everyone.

15 thoughts on “Love Makes a Family

  1. Congratulations!! You both look so happy and proud. What a wonderful Father’s Day! I love you and we’re really looking forward to seeing Juliette in person. Can we be Nana and Pop?

  2. Juliette Rayne,
    Welcome! I am so glad you have arrived! You are the luckiest little girl I know! You are indeed a special blessing for many people! And all of them love you so much!
    You look so precious in these first pictures and those two proud Dad’s look the happiest I have ever seen! Harald and Boyd – you look like naturals in these first pictures. I am so happy for both of you!
    Now, Juliette, I was ready for your early appearance! I was shopping all afternoon for you yesterday! Be happy! And use those lungs as much as you want!
    Adopted Auntie MJ

  3. We’re so happy for you and can’t wait to see you and hold that precious baby. Love to your beautiful family.

  4. She’s beautiful! I’m so happy for all of you. Very Happy Father’s Day to you both!!

  5. Wooo hoooo – God is wonderful! I am beyond happy for both of you. Happy Father’s Day! You are already the model Dad’s!
    Emma says hello and sends her love to lil Ms. Juliette. Marcia

  6. I’m so happy for all of you, those pics made me cry. Whata weenie. 😉

    Dear Juliette Rayne, I promise to be here for you should you ever need a cranky ol’broads outlook on life. I also promise that should you become enamored with horses, I will teach you to ride, and see the side of equines that I see.

    Much love,
    Auntie Deb

  7. What a blessing! Tears of joy are streaming down my cheeks right now. I cannot express the happiness I feel for your family. Hugs to all, Dawn

  8. She is absolutely beautiful. We can’t wait for Juliette to visit Florida to see her relatives. I love being a grandmother and I know your mom will too. Be sure to save all your coupons for formula and diapers. Love you.

    Aunt Diane

  9. I am so excited about finally being a grandmother at the young age of 80. I’m working on my next 30 years so I can see Juliette become a beautiful young woman. You and Harold look so natural like you really know what you’re doing. You both are going to make great fathers! Take good care of my little princess. God bless your new family. I’m looking forward to your visit in August.
    Grandma Hazel

  10. Harald and Boyd, George and I are so happy for you and the the baby. It has
    been a long wait and many prayers. You guys will make great parents. I can’t
    wait to come over and hold her. Lots of love, Mary and George

  11. Harald and Boyd,
    We need a little up date on these pictures!!!!! The princess is 5 days old – I think a family picture is due on this website! Yes, it needs to include the dog and cats,too!

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