Today’s Bit of Beauty – 06/18/09

As Harald so rightfully challenged me last night, it’s time to get some pictures after promising two weeks ago to do so. Even though I’ve been gathering pictures for several weeks, I am going to start with a picture taken just this morning. Sorry it isn’t clearer, but these are among H’s most precious additions to the garden and they are blooming particularly beautifully this year. They are Martagon lilies, a very old type of lily. Now, if you aren’t familiar with them, you wouldn’t know that the blooms are impossibly small – probably no more than a couple of inches across. Click here to read a good primer on Martagons.

5 thoughts on “Today’s Bit of Beauty – 06/18/09

  1. Boyd I agree with Harald they are precious and I want some, I checked out the site and I love the Claude Shride ones. I can’t wait to get my very own. Thanks for sharing.

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