Meet Mr. Cletus Tibbles

Already somewhat affectionately known as the Lion of Douglas Avenue, or the mouth that tried to bite every piece of exposed flesh, little Cletus wasted no time exploring his new home and the humans, pets and furniture to be found there. Beulah is beside herself – it’s a toy that runs and plays back! Cleo is naturally and quite understandably pissed off beyond measure. I am trying to recover from the numerous scratches and bites I got last night, and Harald is just worried about how his little girl is going to adapt to the new guy in the house. In other words, everything is perfectly normal for a new kitten’s first day at home.

Now this is the very picture of cuteness, is it not?

Awwwwwww …..

Checking out Cleo’s cat grass, another reason for her to be annoyed.

Playin’ on the pillows.

Beulah loves to lick this little kitty and, for the most part, he doesn’t seem to mind, although he did have to clean himself after one of Beulah’s lick-fests last night.

D├ętente on the living room rug.

Cletus playing on his grandma’s shoulder with the Kleenex.