Guess who’s getting a kitten?

That’s right, we are! Next Tuesday, in fact. When I took Beulah to the vet yesterday to be checked for a possible ear infection (turns out she has a nasty case of one), there was the most adorable little kitten at the vet with a sign that he was looking for a good home. He was found hiding in the roots of an Sweet Maple tree on a farm and had a bad upper respiratory infection and eye infection. The eye infection was so bad that his third eyelid had adhered to his cornea. An operation fixed that and his eye seems to be healing nicely. When I went over to check the little guy out, he was so playful and even at only 8 weeks you can tell he’s got an absolutely sparkling personality. I called Harald on my cell phone and he agreed to come by after work to check him out. Right now, his name is Simon Jr., because he looks a lot like the other cat, Simon, that has a permanent home at Gehrman Animal Hospital. All the staff have been calling him J.R. We’ll pick a new name, course, and our top two choices so far are Cletus and Tofu, though we are still searching for the perfect name for him. The vet has agreed to hold him until we get back in town next week so we will pick him up on Tuesday and bring him home and have a trial run with Cleo to see if she will accept him. We already took him out of his cage and let him play with Beulah and she was so glad to finally have a cat to play with. He was fearless with her and liked the licks and attention. So keep your fingers crossed that all goes well and we have a new addition to the ever larger brood at Douglas Avenue!