A fun little project …

The machine embroidered bookmarks I made for Juliette’s kindergarten class. They are a surprise gift, made in each student’s favorite color, that I will give them as the year’s final Book Nook reader on Thursday. Time consuming, but so much fun to make, using lots of different decorative stitches on my Pfaff Performance 5.0 machine. They all say “I CAN READ” on them!


3 thoughts on “A fun little project …

  1. I’ve been making bookmarks like this for years…..aren’t they fun? I started doing them when I first got my #1+ in order to learn the decorative stitches. Love the lettering on yours. Now, I use the stitches on my P5 too.

  2. Hello Boyd–I tripped over your blog looking for something about my new Pfaff 5.0… You sound like a wonderful person–glad you found your life in Minnesota. Looks like life got busy and you haven’t posted in a while… I look forward to the next post. I’m going to have to try making bookmarks–what a great idea!


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