Quilt retreat at Four Seasons Quilts

I’ve been at an in town day quilt retreat for the past two days. I can’t tell you how much I have needed this break from work and just to bury myself in what I love to do. Yesterday I spent all day finishing a special quilt. Today I finished up Juliette’s quilt top I started a year ago, and got the backings for four quits pieced and handed off to the quilter. Such a relief! And I’ve started a quilt kit that Harald picked out a while back when we stopped at Crystal’s Log Cabin Quilts in Grand Marais. I’ve made good progress on that one and it’s a simple pattern, so I may even finish it tomorrow.

Oh, and did I mention that the retreat/workroom at Four Seasons, is FABULOUS?! Second floor, wrap around windows bring tons of light, lots of space, and a great quilt store downstairs for just about anything you need. I highly recommend it. And getting to come home to Harald, Juliette and my own bed every night is so good. Best of both worlds!

Below is Juliette’s quilt top I finished today.