Cooking therapy

Cooking is almost always therapeutic for me. Today, I must have needed a lot of therapy, ’cause I did a load of cookin’. I started making bean soup first thing this morning. Then a big breakfast of cheese grits, scrambled eggs, sausage, and blueberry bread. Today I have also made:

A double recipe of chicken salad
A double recipe of chopped chicken livers (some from a neighbor)
A double recipe of homemade blue cheese dressing (with a great American blue from Costco)

And for dinner tonight, baked chicken, mushroom risotto, stir fried bok choy – crap, I forgot to bake something delicious for dessert. Maybe a trip to the Dairy Queen is in order.

2 thoughts on “Cooking therapy

  1. Mmmmmm I remember those nights of chopped chicken livers on saltines in South Minneapolis. You always have been a great cook. Maybe I need some therapy and come to eat some of that great cooking.

  2. Andrew Cowley ยป Baby, any night you want to come over and eat, I’ll make whatever you want. Besides, we all miss you and you NEED to come see you goddaughter!

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