My first sewing machine

Here she is, in all of her mid-century pink glory. Well, she wasn’t mine actually, not until now anyway. This was my mom’s sewing machine, the first sewing machine that I learned to sew on. It’s an Atlas model from either the late 50s or the early 60s. Mom’s had it as long as I’ve been around, and she never has been able to sew on it. I, however, have never had any problem. Mom gave me her old machine when we were visiting in Florida and we got it shipped up here. The case took a beating in the shipping and the wood broke in a few places, but it’s still usable. The machine, however, is built like a tank and it would take one to do any damage. I started cleaning her up last night and was able to thread the machine and she still sews quite a nice straight stitch. I was thinking last night, I need to make something for mom on “her” machine and send it to her as a surprise. Haven’t quite figure out what yet.

I think we should have a naming competition and give her a name. My car is named Dotty, so we can’t use that one. Peggy? Doris? Eileen? Come on, give me your best shot.

18 thoughts on “My first sewing machine

  1. With that pink, I’d vote for a fifties names and since it’s a southern machine a two-part name like Betty Ann or Peggy Sue.

  2. Edna and Ethel are both great names. I like the way Dee described Ethel, “old and sturdy” – that’s exactly what my Aunt Ethel was.

  3. I think I vote for Ethel. Although Anya makes good points about a southern two-part name. I guess maybe I’m torn…

  4. I’m thinking she needs a blue foot control if a guy is using her… But as far as names go How about Agnes Atlas? But then if she is a sweet machine maybe you don’t want a B***h type name? Haw about Anna or Abby or Angel?

  5. Hi, I have an Atlas just like yours. I can’t find a manual for it anywhere. Do you know where I can buy one? Also, the machine is set on zigzag and I can’t seem to get it to straight stitch. Can you tell me how to do that also? Thanks in advance for your help.

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