My first fully completed sweater

Although this isn’t the first sweater I’ve begun, it is the first one I’ve finished. I’m still working on that dang Einstein coat. I must admit what at first seemed like a good idea (miles of garter stitch) quickly turned into some form of tedium. I’ve got the body of the thing done, but I have to do the sleeves to finish it. Anyway, back to this green beauty. It’s made out of Cascase 220 which I must tell you I like very much. The picture doesn’t do the yarn justice – it has these marvelous flecks of blue and yellow mixed in with the yarn, but the effect is very subtle. I’m glad I got this sweater done. I learned a lot of things in the process, the most helpful being those things I would do differently now that I know about them. But it is what it is and it will always be special because it was the first sweater I ever finished for myself.