Today’s Beauty – 07/24/2008

It seems as though we are bombarded almost daily with scenes of ugliness, barbarism or brutality – at least if we watch TV at all.  The nightly news has almost become too much for me to bear.  I’ve been wondering why I am so much happier when I spend time on the north shore.  I’m convinced one of the reasons is because I don’t watch any TV when I am there, so my sensitivities get a rest from the otherwise daily onslaught.  And I’ve been watching far less TV since I got back from Lutsen the last time.  And it has helped tremendously.  So, I’ve decided to start a new feature on my blog, at least for a little while, to showcase some of the beauty I am seeing around me each day.  I have a ton of pictures from my garden, which has given me enormous pleasure this year.  Every day when I turn into our driveway, I smile inside.  I’ve decided to share that with the world.  So here goes …

One of the beautiful Asiatic lillies we have have in our front garden bed.  It just opened, finally, yesterday, and I must say, she’s gorgeous, wouldn’t you agree????

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