Socks for Nancy

Now that she has received them in the mail and opened the package, I can finally share these on my blog. These are socks I made for my bestest friend, Nancy, who just moved from LA to Bellingham. I figured since she’s in a cooler climate, a nice pair of warm, comfy, handmade socks were just the ticket. I started them on Sunday May 18th and finished them on Monday, May 26th, a new record for me that will likely go unchallenged any time soon.

Nancy, girl, to quote Clairee Belcher (from Steel Magnolias) – “I love ya more than my luggage.”  I am so happy you like the socks.  I knew you’d like the colors.  Wear them in good health, my friend.  I miss you way much!

3 thoughts on “Socks for Nancy

  1. You have come a long way since that scarf you were making in Gibbon. I enjoy seeing the pictures you post ofyour work, both the knit pieces and the quilts. I hope your friend enjoys them, as you have put a lot of time, effort, and love into them. Steel Magnolias is an all-time favorite movie of mine. Thanks for the quote. 😎

  2. Thanks, Linda! I’ve determined to master the art of making a fine pair of socks and I’ve almost got it down. There are few areas I’m still trying get just *so*, like the top of the gusset and I still want to try some different cuff ribbing, but all in all, I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made with socks.

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