What kind of flower are you?

My friend Fran over at Redondowriter posted a link on her blog that caught my interest. We are all ready for spring, if not downright anxious to see winter leave. Yesterday, H and I took off with his mom and sister after church to pay a visit to the Como Conservatory. It was a glorious day to soak up the humidity and the color, to let green imprint itself on our souls again after four months of snow on the ground. In the spirit of the season, follow the link below to find out what kinf of flower you are.

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

I am canna lily. I can’t seem to find anything about their meaning. OK, I haven’t looked all that much. But I do love the flower and have often thought about planting them, just haven’t gotten around to it. What kind of flower are you?

5 thoughts on “What kind of flower are you?

  1. I’m a sunflower. I guess I’ll be planting some next summer. I need to think of a good, sunny spot.

  2. I’m a daisy. Who’da thunk it? Gosh! and I was hoping for something more exotic, like maybe an antherium. Oh well.
    Thanks for posting the link.

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