Lest any of you worry

Let me be perfectly clear … we (nor I) are NOT considering getting rid of Beulah Mae (not that the decision would be mine to make anyways). Not by a long shot. What you read here a few days ago was a honest expression of the frustration I was feeling at the time. Some days are just bad days. It’s OK to voice frustration. In fact, it’s probably healthier than keeping it all stuffed safely inside. But just becase I feel something and express it doesn’t necessarily mean I am going to act on it. In fact, we had a very good weekend together, the four of us. It’s all a process. We are all learning how to adjust and cope. There will be bad days to come. No, the experience with Beulah is nothing at all like the experience with Coco. There is a world of difference between the two dogs. I’m just kinda stuck in my ways, addicted to the comfort and relaxation of being at home, and I’m slow to change and don’t always react well to disturbances in my living environment, OK? So I’ll whine sometimes. That’s OK too. Doesn’t mean I’m about to do anything stupid or senseless. Beulah is still getting a lot of love and attention from both of us. Yes, she’s very good about entertaining herself, so she doesn’t have to be the center of attention. And once we get the housebreaking down pat, my stress level will go way down immediately, I know. No worries, mon!