The Eyes of Beulah Mae

The picture is kinda spooky, but on a recent night while watching television I snapped a photo of Beulah sitting on the couch and coming over the armrest to get a better view. You can see how long her ears are getting in this photo.

And this is just a plain cute picture of her taken while snarfing down one of her treats in the living room.

True confessions: I don’t do well with anything that disturbs my peace at home. I’ve realized this before, but I forget it too often and too easily. And when it came to having discussions about getting a dog we didn’t spend enough time in serious talk about how disruptive it would be. Harald is doing far better than I am at adapting to having a new puppy in the house. Yes, she’s cute beyond words at times. And it can also be fun at times to watch her personality and body develop. She’s so smart too, figured out the other night how to climb the stairs so she could reach the cat – whom she wants to play with very much but who wants nothing to do with her. But the truth is that raising a puppy can be very demanding and I’m short on patience. (Yeah, I know, no one saw that bit of personal insight coming!) I’m a cat person. Show them the litter when you bring them home and where to find the food – there, you’re done. Last night, I had serious fantasies (though fantasies only) of packing her canine puppy butt in a crate and shipping her back to Iowa. I think Harald may think I’m a terrible person for having such thoughts – I’m not sure. Anyway, it’s how I deal with the unmitigated stress of puppy raising. This is definitely not what I wanted for my summer, not this summer. But, of course, it isn’t about me anymore. Yes, I forget that part. What I want or need is completely beside the point now. Stuff it all down, subdue your own needs completely (heaven forbid you should take care of yourself first!) and give everything you can to raising the new life under the roof. Feh! I’m done now (or not). I just needed to get that bitch-whine out of the way. There, I feel much better now that I’ve drained my spleen a bit.