Jasper Comes Home!

I just arrived home with Jasper. He promptly proceeded to pee in his carrier the moment we got in the car, so he’s downstairs taking what is his first bath in several days, I’m sure. You know how fastidious cats are and H and I had to listen to him complain bitterly about the wet factor on the ride home. Every cry was music (though shrill!) to my ears. The best news of all, for now, is that his paralysis has disappeared, his right leg seems to be functioning normally, the color of his pads looks good, and he’s currently in no danger of losing that leg anymore. Glory hallelujah! Go, Big Boy J!

Unfortunately, the doctor said the long-term prognosis is not good. Many cats who throw one clot go on to throw others that can cause kidney failure, rear leg paralysis, heart failure and so on. Of course, we don’t know that that is going to happen, but I think the doctor was preparing me for the fact that although he made it past this crisis, the underlying heart disease is still there and that means he is susceptible to damaging or fatal blod clots. He’s on two medications that I will have to struggle to give him, although he took the pill from me this afternoon just fine (the doctor looked exasperated when she said “he is NOT an easy cat to treat!”). Let’s hope that keeps up! The techs were glad he was recovering, but said they were sorry to see him leave because he’s one of the more fun (and communicative) cats they’ve had in a while. One of them looked at me and told me she had looked forward the past two days to arriving at work because the first thing she heard was Jasper talking to her telling her to feed him. That’s my boy! He goes back next week for another follow-up and x-ray.

I’ve been so disoriented the past few days without him here. No one begging to go out on the front porch in the morning, no one complaining about not feeding him fast enough, no one I have to look out for on the stairs before I go down them. I want all those things to matter and tonight I’m certainly glad that they do matter once again.

How can I begin to thank everyone for all the prayers and heartfelt wishes that were sent his way? There is no doubt in my mind that prayer works for all beings and the doctor admitted his recovery this quickly is remarkable. All that loving energy, I know, helped him and continues to help him even now. Bless every one of you.