Jasper, Day 2

We went to the hospital last night to visit Jasper. He was much calmer and was glad to see us. We held him for a while (he likes being cradled like a baby) and just closed his eyes and tucked himself into my chest as Harald scratched his head. He was drinking up the attention. He really doesn’t like the IV in his one good paw and his right front leg still doesn’t look like it’s getting much, if any, circulation. The echocardiogram showed that he has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a common heart problem for cats. He has a large blood clot in his heart and we are hoping the Heparin therapy begins to dissolve that. I’ve been trying to envision whole teams of little kitty angels going in and helping that drug work better and I’ve been doing visualizations watching the blod clot safely dissolve and healthy tissue and movement restored. That’s the image I’m clinging onto. I’ll go see Jasper again tonight after work and may or may not know more about his condition then. The doctor originally told me there was about a 50-50 change of him making a full recovery from the thromboembolism in his leg – some cats recover completely and some don’t. I am praying he is one that does.