Pics of a quilt for D&J

This is the quilt I finished last year for Diana and Jonathan.  I didn’t share pictures at the time because I wanted it to be a surprise for them.  I am so pleased with the way it turned out.  I had so much fun quilting it, even though it took more than 2 months to finish the stitching.  I think it came out very well, and they sure seemed to like it!

One thought on “Pics of a quilt for D&J

  1. I’m not sure what I like best about this quilt! You did an amazing job of choosing a feature fabric and then using it as a inspiration board for companion fabrics, color palette, and quilting designs. I love that this quilt is so very gentle even with the flickers of orange (my fave color) and violet. The quilting designs are spot-on perfect for this quilt and you executed them beautifully. Well done, you!

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