Let’s dust this thing off and see if it still works

Over the past several years I have slowly abandoned using my blog except for the (very) occasional post.  But I have sickened of the onslaught to my senses that is the reality (for me) of using Facebook on a daily basis and I’ve determined to reclaim some of my sanity by leaving Facebook, at least for the most part, completely behind me.  But there are friends and loved ones far flung throughout this world (and near too) that I wish to stay connected with and it hardly seems fair to let the insanity of the world rob us of that.  So I’ve dusted this darn blog off, replaced some old plugins that weren’t good anymore, and hopefully can keep this a more positive, upbeat place – a place where hope, creativity, encouragement, kindness and love are the orders of the day.  That’s my plan and I’m sticking with it.

4 thoughts on “Let’s dust this thing off and see if it still works

  1. I thought I had you in my feed reader but glad I checked because you are no longer there. I will rectify that immediately. I look forward to your blogging.

  2. I’m glad to see your blog again…..Even though I don’t check your FB page or the blog on a daily basis, I so enjoy it when I do. Your posts in either place are always so interesting I spend more time than I should perusing what you have to say. I think of you when I hear about nasty weather in your area, and I thought about you when hurricane Andrew hit Florida, because I know you have family there. Just because I don’t follow you on a daily basis, doesn’t by any means mean I don’t think of you often…..and I don’t even know you personally at all…..just WISH I did.

  3. Glad to see you back here Boyd. Perhaps I should consider doing the same thing. I am really “over” Facebook, and have been for a long time – never truly loved it – but these days I am feeling a real need for more peace and kindness in my life than I am finding there.

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