How the first day went

She did great her first day!

Daddy said on the way home from grandma’s it was “Miss Ann this” and “Miss Ann that” the whole way.

When I asked her to tell me all about her day, she said she couldn’t remember all of it, but what she could remember was:

– she got to be the first leader in the class parade
– Jacob cried because he didn’t get to say goodbye to his mommy (this is her friend she already knows)
– she got to play with blue play-do
– she used the little kids potty and thought she was going to fall in, but it was OK cause she didn’t
– she got in trouble for taking off her shoes and Miss Ann says they always have to keep their shoes on during school
– she only played with little girls who had cute sandals on like she did (oh dear!)
– she learned how to drink from the water fountain, you have to put your lips together just like this
– she got to cut paper with class scissors
– she learned how to draw a straight line and brought home her art project

And i think there was more I forgot already. So far, the judgment is, no wall flower this one!

Grandma did say when she picked her up that Miss Ann made a comment that “she appears to be quite a bright child!”

She was in a very chipper mode all night. Harald’s cousin, Inger, who is visiting from Norway was over for dinner last night along with H’s folks, and I can tell Juliette has really taken to Inger (she even wanted to give her a hug goodnight after she got her pajamas on), so that helped animate her too.

Tomorrow is day 2 of school – I can hardly wait to see what that brings!