A sad day for the Matthews family

I’ve been fighting a bad case of the sads all day since my mom called at 7 am. My Aunt Louise died this morning around 4 am after struggling with her health for many years. Lord, she’s been through the ringer with health problems. She was a wonderful and sweet woman and I only have good memories of her. She always accepted and loved me exactly like I was – never really wanted me to be anything other than myself. I loved her for that – and for her good south Georgia cooking and her marvelous laughter. She loved to have a good time and laugh. I really wanna go somewhere alone and cry, but works demands otherwise. I sure wish I could be in Tallahassee this week with the rest of my family for the funeral. This is when being so far away from family is the hardest.

2 thoughts on “A sad day for the Matthews family

  1. I’m so sorry, Boyd. Your Aunt sounds like a lovely lady, and I’m sad that she’s gone from your life. I have had Aunts like that as well, and they’re an absolute joy to be around. I’m glad you have such good memories of her.

    Did she get to meet Miss J?

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