Groovin’ new favorite

Once you get hooked on satellite radio, it’s hard to go back to broadcast.  I’ve gotten spoiled.  Last night, on the way to Target, I was listening to Chill on Sirius (channel 35) and found myself loving what I was listening to.  Turns out it’s a group called Streetlife Originals.  They hail from north east England and you can find out more here.  I gotta get that ‘Sidewalk Stories” album, even though it costs a small fortune as an import.  The song below is a good example of their style.  The song I was listening to last night was The Assassin, Act 1 and appears on the album “Costes La Suite” from Stephane Pompougnac and is described as a “Deep House” style of Electronica. Who knew?  In the process of trying to find all this information, I came across the Discogs site, a wealth of information.  As it turns out, this particular CD is part of a compilation of lounge music put out by the Hotel Costes in Paris and you can get them all at Amazon.  It is the second CD in the series you want for the Streetlife Originals song I was listening to last night.

3 thoughts on “Groovin’ new favorite

  1. I love St. Germain!!!

    And, Boyd, you’re right about satellite radio. I loved it when we had it. Carl’s dad bought it for us for Christmas one year. I’ve decided that I’m getting it for myself for my next birthday.

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