The Campaign for Love and Forgiveness

If you haven’t checked it out already, I encourage you to visit and learn about The Campaign for Love and Forgiveness.  From their web site:

“Launched in 2006, the Campaign for Love & Forgiveness uses PBS documentaries, community activities, online resources, and networking opportunities to encourage reflection and conversation about how love and forgiveness can effect meaningful change in individuals and society. Through community conversations, the campaign aims to create a meaningful national dialogue that will bring about positive changes for individuals, their relationships, and their communities.”

I stumbled across this today while visiting the Speaking of Faith web site and listening to the Parker Palmer interview as part of the Repossessing Virtue series entitled “Repossessing Virtue: Parker Palmer on Economic Crisis, Morality, and Meaning.”  If you don’t have this bookmarked in iTunes or can’t listen to the online version, I encourage you to download and read the transcript.