Getting over myself

I have not been getting very much done when I get home at night for a very long time.  I have bursts of activity, but I’m more of a slug now than I’ve ever been, or maybe I’m just slowing down to “normal” speed and that seems sluggish compared to my prior breakneck pace.  Some people used to tell me I moved faster than anyone else they know.  There was a reason my childhood babysitter used to call me Speedy Gonzalez.  Anyway, I made a list this week of several relatively simple things I wanted to get done, things that would make a difference in my life, mostly small annoyances or picayune problems that would disappear if I only spent a bit of time taking care of them.  Tonight, I got one of them done, probably the biggest one, and it feels *so* good.

Last spring, we bought new curtains for the bedroom, because Cletus decided that the closed blinds on the bedroom windows facing the street were a play toy.  After waking up too many times through the night, one night after the other, we figured we had to start pulling up the blinds and that would require curtains.  We found a great pair of curtains, in a dark burgundy silk with gold and silver embroidery all over them, at Bed, Bath and Beyond and used those coupons they send you and waited until a sale and ended up getting them for a very reasonable price, so we were happy.  And it took care of the problem and stopped Cletus from waking us up.  No issues at all.  Until the weather turned cold.  The curtains go all the way to the floor, and in doing so, they covered up one of the heat registers under the window.  Which we didn’t seem to notice when we were only running the AC, but which we definitely noticed when we needed the heat.

So I’ve been meaning to hem them for ages, but never would or could make myself do it.  That was what was on my list this week.  Last night, I was all psyched up to take them down and measure, cut and hem them, and then I looked at them.  I forget they were light blocking curtains.  They have three layers, all of which are different lengths, and all of which have to be measured, cut and hemmed separately.  Oy, vey.  I found something else to do last night.  Tonight I came home and after making dinner, decided to see if I could tackle just one of the panels, figuring I could do the other some other time.  Instead, I managed to get both done.  Not only do they look good and take care of the problem — the register now blows deliciously warm air out straight into the room — but they match perfectly in the middle.  I swear, if you didn’t know better you’d think I had gone to school or something to learn how to sew.

I listened to Brenda Dayne’s podcast all day today, off and on, and she has reminded me of something.  There is power in connecting — or reconnecting — with what you love to do.  And as much as I love to knit, and I do love to knit, I also love to sew.  In fact, it was my first fiber love.  My sewing studio has been a lonely and empty room for much, much too long.  I don’t know how or when I can make room in my life to spend more time there, but I need to figure that out.  After all, we have a baby coming in three months and there is a world of things waiting to be lovingly stitched.  And I need to do it.  For me.  Just for me.

Well, anyway ….

3 thoughts on “Getting over myself

  1. Yep. You need to sample ALL the chocolates in the box. Just like I need to get back to knitting. I’ve been too slack with it lately, and it’s time to start back up.

    So tonight I started working out the details for a pair of socks in worsted weight. Swatching now so that I can figure out gauge. I have the feeling I’m going to need some new needles.

    Plus Mom couldn’t remember how to do Old Norwegian cast-on, so we sat and puzzled that out for twenty minutes. Because I couldn’t remember either, and it’s my favorite cast-on! Sloppy, sloppy. Mustn’t forget basic skills…

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