My new birthday toy!

I finally got one! I’ve loved my blue iPod mini for years, but I never thought I would need more than 4GB of space. Who knew?! Anyway, thanks to my generous family, I got a bunch of Apple gift cards for my b’day and yesterday I went and cashed them all in on a top-of-the-line 5G iPod classic with 160GB (thank you very much!) of space! It uber cool and I’m enjoying it immensely already. Finally, I can have all my music and podcasts and internet radio shows on one device. How cool is that? Anyone got a good new name for my iPod? I haven’t quite decided yet and need some help.

3 thoughts on “My new birthday toy!

  1. For all the beautiful people and things in your life as well as the beautiful music you will put on your gift, you should name your iPod — Beauty. Okay, so I stole it from your Today’s Beauty title but it seems to fit — doesn’t it?

    By the way, some of the most poignant phrases are one or two words. You shouldn’t penalize us for a short comment 🙄

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