Good News! (a/k/a “No Roof for you!”)

The first contractor we contacted went over the roof carefully last night and found only minor hail damage – less than 6 spots in the whole roof.  They don’t even need to be repaired.  He speculated the trees all along the north side of the house broke the force of the hail so the hail didn’t hit as hard and cause as much damage as it otherwise could have.  Which is very good news because I didn’t really want to have to replace the roof.  Plus, he said our roof is in good condition and we’ve probably got another 5 years before it needs to be replaced.

We spent the rest of the evening cleaning gutters from the accumulated gunk that was already there (how did they get so dirty when they were so clean at the end of fall?) plus the blow down from the storm.  It was a wet, stinky, dirty job that took all night.  But the gutters were all emptied and washed down and are perfectly clean this morning, just in time for the next round of storms they think will arrive today and/or tomorrow.

Let’s just pray we don’t get any more hail.

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