A new look, a new name

Sometimes you just want to mix it up a bit, you know. I was getting increasingly tired of Movable Type and the way it did certain things. While certainly a robust system (and there were many things I liked about it), I made the decision to jump ship and switch my site over to WordPress. I wanted more flash and I wanted it easier to get.  And I LUV this new theme from Tommaso Baldovino. In the process, I’ve changed my blog’s name and, obviously, its appearance. I’d had that old style for some time and it was time for something new, in different colors. By now you’ve guessed the new blog name, but if you forget and try to go to the old URL, you’ll get directed to the new site automagically.

5 thoughts on “A new look, a new name

  1. I like it! I like it! One of these days I’m going to have my own Blog! (Emailed you Saturday to your Earthlink addy, and it was kicked back — resent tonight)..)

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