Coop of Distinction

OK, so some of you probably don’t know that I have this “thing” for chickens. They make me laugh. They remind me of Mrs. Rudd’s (my childhood babysitter in Tallahassee) chicken coop in the back yard and collecting eggs from the occasionally nasty hens. I think of roosters crowing in the early morning and the smell of straw, the wonderful brown of those eggs and the deep, deep color of the yolks, the creak of the coop door, and even the dreaded chicken snake. The livestock and poultry exhibits are the first stop at the Minnesota State Fair every year. I like chickens so much I made a quilt full of them several years ago using Bethany Reynolds‘ Stack-n-Whack method and asked the quilter to fill it full of chickens when quilting it – which she thankfully did. I just can’t be blue when I see a chicken. But I never thought I would see a chick coop like this one. My friend, Roz, sent the link yesterday and the mind just boggles when you read how long it took the artist to create this particular coop. Just think of how nice those chickens have it. The stained glass, the chandelier, the ceiling. Jean Benelli has some of her other artwork shown at this website. I am particularly attracted to the Chicken Saint in neon. All this chicken talk is reminding me of my own dream to one day have my own chicken coop. I know it will probably never happen, but one can dream, right?