Thrilling news ….

In early March I applied to the Lilly Scholar program with Augsburg College. Augsburg names 10 scholars each year, who form a special cohort group for one academic year to explore the meaning of vocation for their lives. In addition to the recognition, you are granted a $2,000 scholarship and access to registration for any Luther Seminary class (which normally are closed to undergrad students). I just checked my e-mail account and found a message from the program administrator:

Dear Boyd,

We are delighted to inform you that you have been accepted as a Lilly Scholar for the 2005-2006 academic year! The scholarship selection committee was very impressed by your application. They felt strongly that you would be successful in the program and that you would bring a valuable perspective to the group.

Well, you can imagine I think how I must be feeling right now! I’m just a whole mix of emotions. Will I be able to live up the expectations of my facilitators in the program? More importantly, will I be able to live up to my own expectations? What will I discover during next year’s intense focus on the meaning of vocation for my life? It’s certainly a wonderful opportunity to be given. It’s all more than a little humbling as well, I might add. I’m really rather beside myself at the moment ….